Try the new 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV!!

The most southeran state of the country is Florida and it almost never gets cold down there.  But let’s say that you live in a state that does get cold around certain times of the year, for example, Iowa, you are not just going to stay in your house.  Of course, you have to venture out of your house to buy groceries to survive.  But how do you get from your house to the store?  It’s easy, just take your car.  You’ll have to get snow tires on the card before you drive it.  Before the winter comes, you drivers in Ankeny, the greater Des Moines area and the rest of Iowa, might want to think about purchasing a new 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV.  Try the new 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV!!

Since the Chassis are higher in an SUV than cars, you will be able to see further down the road to watch out for accidents if there are any and plan an alternative route.  Also you will be helping the environment out by consuming less gas because hybrids are known for this.  Less gasoline consumption also means spending less cash at the pump, so you will have more of it for other things.  Finally, it is a sporty SUV that you will look good driving in.

Click here to check out the official site of the 2012 Ford Explorer.

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